Reviews: A Tech Guide for Signage

Mitch Chemers, Owner
Van Nuys, CA.

"This book has been is an incredibly effective reference tool for those I train to help with pre-production sign layouts and permit packages.  While it does a fantastic job of educating 'newbies' to the industry, it has surprised me by introducing my experienced associates to methods they hadn't yet been exposed to during their time at sign companies.

I originally thought this book would just help layout technicians be more efficient.  Yet it turns out to be an impressive and comprehensive introduction to the various aspects of sign production and its many options.  It's clear that the content is also ideal for ANYONE working at a sign company.  The first few chapters in particular will certainly help salespeople service their clients better, as one example.

Although I don't believe it's possible to consolidate every sign industry method, technique and trick of the trade, Mike's book, A Tech Guide for Signage, is the best book I've seen for the sign industry.

I recommended it to every sign company of every size, and I look forward to his next project."

René Rivas
Director of Creative Operations
Vision Design Studio, Long Beach, CA. 

"A Tech Guide for Signage is a very informative and resourceful book.

I love how the sections are organized by the color bars, makes its very convenient to jump to the section that is needed, this is extremely beneficial because it saves time in our fast paced work environment and as you know, every second/minute counts.  

I see this book being used in two ways; by industry professionals as a quick reference book and as an educational book.

I also dig the 'Industry Terms Glossary' – extremely helpful."

Merie Steinman, Business Manager & Sales
Pelican Signs
San Jose, CA.

"The Tech Guide for Signage is a complete resource for our established sign company.  It is written in an easy to navigate format with needed information for our manufacturing."

Tym Gilson, Founder & Owner
Shaka Laka Suncare Products
Da Biggah Island of Utah.

In my line of work, I find myself always researching on how to handle the many projects that I come across everyday.  My focus keeps me involved in brand creation, brand development, and brand marketing of everything from retail to restaurants, from wearable accessories to commercial construction, and everything in between.

When I was introduced to A Tech Guide for Signage, I found myself not only gaining a better understanding of exterior signage (which is completely different than graphic design), but also learning about dimensional design and scale.  More importantly, I also learned of the pitfalls that could slow down the planning and design process.  A slow down with a project would mean an additional cost to my clients (which means more money) and would require me to spend more time on a project had I just followed a few simple steps.

I think the thing that I hate / love about this book is it has me studying commercial signage everywhere I go.  I am not an expert, but would hate to be, since there are so many people (graphic designers, marketers, business owners, sign shops) making the same mistakes over and over.  There are many bad sign designs in any town: color, kerning, position / location, font selection, and the list goes on.

In the end, I have seen an improvement in my 2D graphic designs because I better understand some of these simple sign design rules, and I understand the importance of looking at projects from multiple angles which helps me gain a better perspective.

So, if you are a pro sign designer I know this book will be so helpful.  If you are a graphic designer, you are not a sign designer!  I learned that real quick.

When I did end up farming out some graphic design work to a sign company, they were impressed that I had knowledge of key elements of sign design.  They told me that knowing what I wanted coming in, and communicating it to them (even with my tiny bit of knowledge), that it helped both of us use our time efficiently.  And with regards to my original design concept, there were only a few design modifications required.

This book is highly recommended."

James Alfaro, Owner
Alamo Sign Solutions
San Antonio, TX.

"After 20 years in the sign business this book, A Tech Guide for Signage has helped me refine my sales game.  This book has also allowed me to train my new project manager.

I am so excited about this book, I am actually going to introduce it to certain cities in my state because they need it more than they know."

Corliss Maguire
John Peachey & Associates, Innovative Signage
North Vancouver, BC, CAN.

"Usually, things like this book, A Tech Guide for Signage come through me, but somehow it slipped passed me.  However, I happened to see it on our Operations Manager's desk on Friday.

By the way, he thinks its terrific and we have a couple of new people in Estimating and Design who are actively referencing it on a daily basis.


Donald Plumb
Plumb Signs
Fresno-Clovis, CA.

"A Tech Guide for Signage is one of the most valuable tools a sign company can own.  If you want to accelerate your company's production time, enhance your customers experience, you should have multiple copies of this resource at key locations in your shop.

Thank you for such a needed tool."

Reviews: How to Draw Attachment Details

Richard "Lucky" Benson
CESA Award-Winning Sign Designer, Permit Expeditor and Site Surveyor
Pasadena, CA.

"If you're a seasoned sign designer or just getting started, How to Draw Attachment Details"should be in your reference library.  It offers a clear and concise process toward creating sign details that building officials will often approve over the counter."

Robert Sanders
Professional Sign Designer and Custom Manufacturer
Sonoma, CA.

"In the sign industry - designing and specifying details can be challenging.

Now the latest release of How to Draw Attachment Details for Electric and Non-Electric Wall Signs by Sign Business Books offers a solution to this problem.  The experienced sign industry author, after hours of research, provides sign design information, detailing drawings and section views - in a new way never brought together before.  Every page offers valuable current technical sign information that is both useful as a daily reference and for use as an employee training manual.  Especially the chapters providing electrical detailing for neon to LED installation is incredible.  

This valuable book is a must own for everyone in the sign industry."

Reviews: Inside Sign Design

Matt Charboneau, Owner
Loveland, CO.

"Mike is a great writer and has the ability to not only cover the details of the electric sign process, he does it with highly detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions.  His approach to the subject matter is clear, concise and to the point.

This is the 'Sign Bible' every sign shop and every sign designer needs."

Comprehensive Review: Inside Sign Design

POSTED BY: Admin, May 9th, 2010,

"There is no formal training that can properly educate us on sign design.  There are also no books, no manuals, and no other resources to feed our curious minds.  Though we already know the basics, it is necessary to go through the various areas of graphic design and learn new skills that can advance our knowledge in this field.  Inside Sign Design will help take our experience to the next level.  Here is a closer look at the most useful book for sign and graphic designers.

The Functions

Mike Burke, the book’s author, aims to guide experts and would-be sign designers.  This book is the first of its kind and is definitely a rich source of information for anyone seeking basic to complex knowledge on sign design.

The following are its most important features:

  • Functions as a reference book or teaching manual to graphic or sign designers, sign companies, ad or marketing agencies, and architects.

  • Assists aspiring designers to learn the most fundamental steps in mastering signs.

  • Helps correct our traditional ways to layout signage.

  • Teaches the proper way of writing sign specifications.

  • Hastens the process of designing signs while maintaining quality.

  • Enhances the knowledge and expertise of designers through updated sign design techniques.

Comprehensible and Easy to Use

The book is a compilation of 10 years worth of experience in the sign business.  It covers various topics – from taking care of your customers to pleasing passers-by who so often ridicule or compliment the signs we make.  It is a highly informative tool that focuses on bringing out the best in every sign designer.

We used this book as a reference in our sign design training, and it sped up the whole process of designing.  We also learned new things and were reminded of the basic rules in signs design.  Today, this book has helped us transform ourselves into professionals and assisted us in making signs that are worth submitting.  Now our sign designers take very important consideration on the details, the sign placement, the city planner, the viewer, and most importantly – the customer.

Easily Accessible and Affordable

The eBook sells for only $69.99.  The paperback book and DVD have sold out and will be available at a future date.  To date, has sold over 64 copies in 16 months and is an industry secret.  The reviews of the book!

Learning sign design is certainly not easy.  But gaining knowledge through Inside Sign Design book is an entirely different matter.  You do not only learn the basics, but you become the best that you can be at this profession."

Reviews: The Sign Submittal Checklist (Wall Murals & eFlipbooks)

Chris Brown, Owner
FASTSIGNS of Colerain
Cincinnati, OH.

"I actually do have the drawings (Wall Murals) printed out at full size on the wall for us to review and learn about everything needed for this. 

They have served us well with some of the projects we have been working on here recently."

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