Inside Sign Design (eBook)


Inside Sign Design (eBook)

Copyright 2010, First Edition
pp. 337
ISBN-13: 978-0-9843588-1-6

Inside Sign Design easily clarifies a difficult process known as sign design and sign drawing for graphic designers, brand designers, environmental graphic designers, etc.  This book reveals exactly what is placed on a sign drawing.  There is no more guessing.  Speed up your art department.  Increase production productivity.  Streamline business communication.  Reduce wasted time.  Increase your business bottom line.

The first book of its kind by

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Table of Contents

Chapters 1-7: Required Knowledge Before Designing Sign and Creating a Sign Submittal

1.  Drawing for Seven (7) Different People

2.  What Goes on a New Project Drawing

3.  The Sign Request Process

4.  Material Knowledge and Fabrication Knowledge

5.  Page Layout, also called a Design-to-Build Sign Plan

6.  Production Cut Files

7.  Sign Industry Terms: Knowing the Language

Chapters 8-14: Sign Design Layout and Creating a Sign Submittal

8.  Creating a Channel Letter Layout and Sign Submittal

9.  Creating a Sign Monument Layout and Sign Submittal

10.  Creating a Pylon Sign Layout and Sign Submittal

11.  Creating an LED Sign Layout and Sign Submittal (LED Signs are Electronic Message Displays)

12.  Creating a Directional & Wayfinding Sign Layout and Sign Submittal

13.  Creating an Interior Sign Layout and Sign Submittal

14.  Creating an ADA Sign Layout and Sign Submittal (ADA, American Disabilities Act)

Chapter 15: Drawing Programs

15.  Shortcuts in Drawing Programs

Chapters 16-19: Other Important Elements

Note: These Chapters contain general, summary information only. They are included because of their relevant nature to creating sign drawing layouts and sign submittals

16.  Comprehensive Sign Program

17.  "Sign Survey" vs. "a Job Check"

18.  Engineering, Shop Drawing & Sign Code

19.  Presentation Elements for a Sign Drawing Layout

This revolutionary business book was created for a design firm or a design-to-build company to better understand how the sign design and technical drawing process takes place inside a sign company.

There is a myth that sign design is easy.  Even though there are over 10,000 graphic designers in the United States, very few are professional sign designers.  This book debunks a myth and reveals the difference between a professional sign designer and all other designers.

The term sign design is a misnomer.  Sign design is only a small portion of the overall process.  Within the sign sales process, design is only 10% design, but is actually 90% technical drawing.  The term sign design is more than actual design, it is a business communication document created solely to sell a custom design and fabricated product.

Inside Sign Design is the first book of its kind that outlines and details each aspect of the process of sign design-to-build for any creative company, but especially for an art department of a sign company.

The first book of its kind by