A Tech Guide for Signage (eBook)

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A Tech Guide for Signage (eBook)


A Tech Guide for Signage

by: SignBusinessBooks.com
Copyright 2015, First Edition
pp. 163
ISBN-13: 978-0-9843588-3-0

Another first book of its kind for creative companies and graphic designers: A Tech Guide for Signage, Letters and Logos for Dimensional Design, created primarily for a designer to know what materials are used with dimensional design and basic information about the fabrication of sign products.

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Table of Contents

Section One. Overview: The Dimensional Design Process: A Roadmap

1.  Making a 2D Design into a Dimensional Letter and Logo Sign

2.  Overview of the Dimensional Design Process

Section Two. Design Guidelines to keep your Design from being changed

1.  Vector vs. Bitmap, and PDF File Format

2.  Screen-size Design vs. Life-size Image Design

3.  Installation Considerations and Requirements

4.  Consider Visibility and Legibility issues of Dimensional Design

Section Three. Main Design Elements

1.  Location

2.  Color

3.  Typeface/Copy/Style

4.  Lighting Aspects

5.  Materials

Section Four. How to keep your Design from being Rejected

1.  Common Materials used in the Letter and Logo area of Signage

2.  Providing Alternative Options that meet your Design Criteria

3.  Overall size to meet Customer Demands

4.  Consider Installation Methods as Part of Cost

Section Five. Completing the Layout Drawing

1.  Scale of Drawing to Paper

2.  Dimensions H x L x W of Signage

3.  Square Footage

4.  Front View, Side View, and Top View

5.  Recheck Background/Mounting Surface

Section Six. Other Insightful Elements

1.  Dimensional Design with Industry Spec

2.  Gallery of Finished Projects

3.  What Doesn't Work with Dimensional Design


1.  Industry terms

2.  Metal Finish Guide

As a designer there is no need to struggle to understand the esoteric elements associated with design-to-build. This tech guide will easily clarify "how not" to have your design rejected.

Speed up your entire company, sales, project management, estimating, etc.  Increase production productivity. Streamline business communication. Reduce wasted time. Increase your business bottom line.

Tech Guide for Signage, Letters and Logos for Dimensional Design includes information which will assist designers, graphic designers, sign designers, electrical sign designers, environmental graphic designers, and architects.

Make no mistake about it, this Tech Guide is the only one of its kind detailing insight and information for planning and project management as well as providing design-to-build knowledge and understanding.

Commissioned by GeminiSignProducts, this book shows a difficult, custom craft, mixing business and project management, a knowledge never written before in book form.

The first book of its kind by SignBusinessBooks.com.